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We know it can be tough to select the right products for your preschool / kindergarten. So we have created the simplest shop specific for educators.

We stock everything from simple chewable toys to outdoor play equipment. Check everything out by clicking the button below!


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Specialists in toys and products for children with Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

With many years industry experience and contact with world leading researchers, the Early Childhood Shop has hand selected the top and most useful toys, products and resources for children with ASD.

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“Exactly the kind of store I have been waiting for, they have everything we require”

Gwen Bloom


“Amazing site, so much to offer and very quick delivery times. Will definetely keep using.”

Mekhi Jacobson


“Ordered some sensory items for my child with ASD, very pleased with the product and quick delivery”

Aaron House

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